September 26-28, 2014

The Authors & Ideas Festival hosts more than 30 award winning authors and speakers, including authors of New York Times best-sellers, Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize-winners, as well as
winners of virtually every prestigious literary award and much more.

Below is a partial line-up for this year’s Festival

REZA ASLAN ~ “Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus Christ” was recently on the New York Times best-seller list for eleven weeks.

PJ O’ROURKE ~ “The Baby Boom: How It Got That Way…And It Wasn’t My Fault…And I’ll Never Do It Again” most recently # 1 on the New York Times best-seller list.

RICK REILLY ~ Author of six best sellers, with his newly released book “Tiger, Meet My Sister…And Other Things I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said”, #6 on the New York Times best-seller list.

JOE SCARBOROUGH ~ His last two books were New York Times best-sellers;
host of Morning Joe on NBC.

Here come the Ambassadors* blue ribbon panel discussion: Today’s World with Mike McFaul (Russia), David Mulford (India), Michael Armacost (Japan),
Christopher Hill (Iraq) and Sichan Siv (UN).

ALEX FILIPPENKO ~ Back by popular demand. Professor of Astronomy at UC Berkeley and co-author of an award-winning astronomy text book used in numerous colleges.

SCOTT FREIMAN ~ “The Beatles” world-renowned music historian.

JAMES GEARY ~ One of the top 5 TED speakers.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON ~ An expert on the history of war, with his most recent book “The Savior Generals: How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost-From Ancient Greece to Iraq”.

DON JOHANSON ~ World famous anthropologist who discovered “Lucy”, the 3 million year old skeleton, and wrote about her in the award-winning trilogy “Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind” , “From Lucy to Language”, and “Lucy’s Legacy”.

NICK KOKONAS ~ “At Alinea, Three Stars Come With a Mischievous Taste of Autumn” and owner of the #1 rated restaurant in the US and # 5 in the world.

CHANNING ROBERTSON ~ Ground-breaking study; the true evaluation of the state of forensic science in the US.

LISA SEE ~ Critically acclaimed novelist of nine bestsellers, including her recent best-seller “China Dolls”.

MICHAEL SHINN ~ Senior Julliard entertainment professor.

JON WOLFSTHAL ~ Nuclear security expert and former White House Advisor.

We hope you will join us in September!



Below are some of the presenters from past events.


EVENT TICKETS are $550 each and includes one seat for all Festival general sessions. A SUPPORTER ticket is $1,250 each, which includes one premier reserved seat for all Festival general sessions, plus a cocktail reception with participating authors, and program listing.


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The success of the Festival would not be possible without the ongoing support of our partners, sponsors, friends and supporters. We thank you for your generosity and invite you to let us know soon about your plans for 2014.

Cynthia and Jim McGillen, Founders